Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Why is Nobody Concerned?

Now that Spain has joined the UK in entering a double dip recession in takes the number of countries in recession to 10. Most of them had strong economic currencies until they were enveigled into entering the undemocratic and unelected European Union. It appears that any country who links in with the EU or its desperate currency, the euro, risks economic disaster (except Germany of course).

What I cannot understand is why none of our mainstream politicians want you to know about it or even want to discuss it like adults. Every Wednesday at PM's Question Time we have the Cameron versus Miliband shouting duel backed up by the screaming children from all major parties and yet they rarely tackle issues of international importance.

I have only been alerted to this dismal state of affairs from the United States so why will none of our politicians alert us to the disaster which is the European Union? Why are all the leading politicians hiding the overall picture from the public? When the economy of almost every member state is in free fall then surely it is logical that they must be allowed to default and revert? 

Clearly the unelected elite of the EU must know by now that their economic policies have failed. To maintain the charade of normality in Westmonster is almost tantamount to treason. One more reason for everyone in Thursday's local elections to vote UKIP. We must exit this evil union as soon as we can. Please folks do not give these mainstream politicians your consent to act like this. I pray that Thursday will become 'Bloody Thursday' for the politicians!


NewsboyCap said...

bry boy

Take a look at a book by a guy called Olly Figg, Europe on £387 million a day.
It may give you some of the answers to the questions.
Truly unbelievable waste and corruption of which we will never have any control.He also explains why we can never, ever, have a Referendum.

bryboy said...

Hi Newsboycap I will have a look. Every time you visit me I get the feeling that you have influence. You encourage me from afar. Did you see my spat with 'Harbinger'. I only ask because I now feel a bit guilty.I don't understand anyone who thinks he knows it all and in my irritation I hastily responded. We all have regrets.

SAB said...

Don't feel guilty Bry! You had to say what you said or else we'd all have died of old age reading his defeatist droll responses. Crikey that guy needs to take a happy pill. Keep up the good work. Always look 4ward to your next article!

NewsboyCap said...

I have no influence at all with anyone.I am travelling down a similar road to your good self. I try to take a little from everyone's experiences.
I didn't see your spat with harbinger but don't feel guilty, harbinger is a big boy I'm sure he will get over it.
Having said that he has travelled a lot further down this road and is perhaps a little impatient that the rest of us cannot see what he has seen or share his views.
Keep up the good work.

bryboy said...

I really value your support guys. I actually write for the entertainment of my family and my social friends. They think that I am an educated maverick. Oh yes granddad is on his hobby horse again but...slowly but surely they are beginning to see that the old fellow is actually quite on the ball! Tks SAB and NewsboyCap.