Wednesday, 11 January 2012

We cannot afford it!

My daughter has just bought me a book by an economist called John Perkins entitled 'Hoodwinked'. I am about 10 pages into it and the language is somewhat confusing but the message is already filtering into my brain.

Governments across the world have been 'hoodwinked' by massive corporations to forget their tried and tested financial regulations and invest in risky projects. It has resulted in the massive debts run up by so many countries across the world.

Parliament  and the Financial Services Agency watched as Gordon Brown and his cohorts (almost?) wrecked one of the largest economies in the world. We, the public, also watch as our politicians continually launch projects which will cost the country billions. In every city, town and village we watch helplessly as services are cut to follow the austerity programme imposed upon us by politicians who to this day enjoy their subsidised life in Westmonster.

In the meantime as one failed project after another eats into our economy they continue to invest in monstrous white elephants.  They will not abandon foreign aid to countries far better placed financially than we are, our contribution to the EU is ridiculous, we are fighting an unwinnable war in Afghanistan, bombing Libya cost us billions, then the over budget Olympics and now a project (HS2) costed at £32 billion and already forecast to double that.

It will never stop until we cut our ties to the EU. It will never stop until we defeat the 'modernisers', those servants of the EU who infect every major political party. I am beginning to sound like a cracked record but there is a simple reason that HS2 should be cancelled. WE cannot afford it! There are also a hundred other reasons to cancel it but the bottom line is we cannot afford it. This government, despite all of the PM's rhetoric, is still borrowing billions every month. It must cease.

Before people lose their homes, their land, the countryside, nature reserves and our sanity we the public must halt this madness.  Somehow we must get the message to the politicians that we have had enough. If we don't then ruination is the only possible outcome.  

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