Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Can it get any worse?

There comes a time when most of us just shake our heads in disbelief at the ineptitude of the Political Class who are paid a small fortune to keep us safe. Time after time I have criticised the people organising the Olympic Games and continually they endorse my mistrust of them by committing acts of inexplicable stupidity!

Now comes news that a police officer took a packet of security plans for the Olympic Games and left them on a train in Kent. Can you imagine that? What kind of numbskull would do something like that and as it happened on 5 January we have been kept in the dark ever since.

A public spirited citizen handed them in to 'The Sun' who of course published the details which included mobile phone numbers of other senior officers and details of 'lock down' procedures in the event of an emergency.

The response from the Met is of course typical. Don't worry folks, no big deal, officer reported loss, nothing sensitive compromised so business as usual. Well it really is 'business as usual' for the Met officers who have form for waving around Top Secret 'Codeword' documents in public.

I worked with Top Secret documents for 20 years and there is absolutely no way I could have smuggled anything out of our military bases or would have wanted to. If they had to move they were properly accounted for and moved by official courier. How these officers think that they can just pop them into a 'bag' and be trusted not to leave them on a train baffles me.

By the way the computer for the return and sale of Olympic tickets limped back on line yesterday but with one important omission. We can't now buy any of the returned tickets. The authorities will now buy them all back and reallocate them later but won't say how. They probably need time to think up yet another scam!


Michael Fowke said...

It can always get worse. This is Great Britain.

bryboy said...

Welcome to my humble home Michael. You are so right but when will we educate the people? Tks for your interest.

bryboy said...

Wow I have just visited the blog run by Michael Fowke! Click on it folks and see what a professional blog is like! It is so impressive.