Saturday, 28 January 2012

Well said Sir...!

I couldn't put it better myself! Peter Oborne, political correspondent for the Daily Telegraph has a wonderful habit of summing up the moral decay of the nation. This is a great article but the comments from the public are just as relevant. We do still have decent, intelligent citizens but they are beginning to fade away. The country is slipping deeper into the mire and somehow we seem unable to find a politician or a public official who has a desire to serve the public.

We are to blame however, because we keep voting for more of the same. Everyone now knows that the three main political parties have been infiltrated by people who call themselves 'modernisers'. That means that they are working day and night to change our society and the results are clear. The last election was an opportunity to have a referendum but the sheep just walked tamely into their pens and did what they always do. 


SAB said...

Very interesting. Loads of towns like this are being ruined by these mindless thugs. A few months ago a group of male 'eastern Europeans' were 'shopping in the local co-op here in castle donington. I remember they would only speak in their own tongue and were quite intimidating to people around them. I especially remember this bunch as they where 'studying' one of the female shop assistants. Didn't understand a word of it but as a bloke it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work it out!! They were all pretty rough looking. Wish I could have beamed them back to wherever they came from there and then!! :-). I also recently visited the ancient market town of Banbury last week on business. This lovely town is now also littered with polish off licences and food shops etc.. Far too late to stop the invasion. It's already happened!

bewick said...

Well now Bryboy. I still, like you, maintain my 50s standards of behaviour.
Oborne has got it right and politicians don't actually listen to history. They should because popular revolution IS a consequence of ignoring the populace.
It won't arise from the "great and the good" but it will happen and likely soon. Just hope I don't become a casualty. Then again contemporaries have already dropped of the perch so no matter.

I rather think that the "liberal" chattering class wimps have got us to where we are + unbridled importation of foreign cultures where different mores obtain and standards are low, non existent,or driven by religious nonsense. Oops was that racist? No couldn't be because Islam is NOT a race.

bewick said...

PS "off the perch" - lazy keyboard.
In my village the kids are still polite - and even the cheating benefit claimants. The very few "immigrants" are all working pillars of the community. We are lucky.

bryboy said...

Welcome as always guys. Tks for your thoughts. I believe that we are storing up major problems but then what is new? Bewick I have done some research on Common Purpose which I will soon release. They are poison!