Sunday, 8 January 2012

Crime and the UK!

Ken Clarke
It is now becoming clear that the soft approach to criminality adopted by those trusted to protect the public is having a serious effect on our safety. Increasingly decent members of our society are being murdered by criminals out on licence who should, if justice had been served, be safely behind bars.

The UK is currently a haven for criminals. There is no deterrent in the soft option sentencing guidelines which would cause anyone to think twice before committing a violent crime. We can witness the bewilderment and grief of the family from India who are mourning their student son after he wandered into the 'manor' of 'Psycho' Stapleton from Salford and was shot in the head for his ignorance. You would not catch me on the streets of Salford at any hour never mind the early hours but how was he to know?

I doubt very much if there was a policemen on the beat within five square miles of him and that was probably why he died.  By and large our streets are no longer safe because they have been left unprotected by a police force weighed down by risk assessments and the constant battle against drunken young people.

I have long believed that until the 'modernisers', who are hell bent on changing our society to mirror their warped beliefs, reap the rewards of their mindset then nothing will change. If one of these politicians is made to grieve for a loved one then perhaps it will come home to them what they have achieved.

We have one such person in charge of the Justice System in this country. He is a paid up member of the 'worship the European Union' club and  one of the few ordinary politicians who has had serial invitations to the Bilderberger meetings. 

I cannot believe that a Conservative Prime Minister could hand the Criminal Justice System to someone like Ken Clarke. Every time that I want to believe in David Cameron then reality brings me back from the brink. Every time that the PM wins me over and no matter  how convincing he becomes, the very fact that Ken Clarke is the Justice Minister and still ignoring the British people, ruins his cause.

Ken Clarke serves a master that most of us do not recognise or understand. His willingness to create an alien political society which refuses to acknowledge public concern is mystifying. I believe his motives are suspect but he is getting older and he should be replaced. I wonder which 'moderniser' will replace him because in order to oppress the country further this particular position is vital.

We desperately need changes in our criminal justice system. The public need protection. The 'modernisers' have now gone too far with their liberal policies. A country without justice is heading for disaster and the recent increase in murder and stabbings is reflecting the changes in our society. Someone has to slam the gears into reverse! 


SAB said...

R2's Jeremy Vine covered the topic of 'how to get over a murder' last week. (still available to listen to on the website). It was frightening just how many violent criminals are being let out early or have shortened sentences. One particular case was a mother who lost her daughter on Christmas Day several years ago. She was raped and savagely murdered and the man that did this is due to be let out on parole in 2015 when he'll be 41. He was never actually charged with the rape part as his lawyers advices him to deny it as rspe cases are hardly ever reach a conviction (and it didn't hence a further reduced sentence). Very frightening stuff. I am father to a 1 yr old and quite frankly fear for his safety growing up as crime gets ever worst in the uk.

SAB said...

With regard to 'drunken young people' isn't it about time the government put a stop to super cheap alcohol in supermarkets. The government seems hell bent on increasing tax year on year on real ale! But you never see yobs hanging around on street corners supping Old Speckled Hen!!! More like cheap wine and spirits and hi strength lager / ciders from the nearest supermarket. They should start supporting the British pub where drinking can be enjoyed in a controlled environment.

SAB said...

On further thought, supporting pubs would be openly encouraging local communities to come together and actually communicate with each other! Which is probably what the 'modernisers' don't want to happen.

bryboy said...

We agree on everything SAB!The British pub has been under threat for some considerable time exactly because it is a meeting place for the man in the street. I get my spirits from Tescos because I cannot ignore their special offers however...I recognise their corrosive effect. I would stop all supermarket selling of alcohol and then also stop 'happy hours'.