Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence was murdered in 1993. Everyone has always known who killed him and today two of the gang were convicted. We all know that others were involved and probably their time will come. We all hope so. The point of this post is once again to focus on the attitude of the police.

Clearly the police failed the Lawrence family on every account. This case has been used to deliver a politically correct agenda which the BBC endorses. It is almost as if the Lawrence case has been used as an example to illustrate how badly the police performed in 1993. It has been used to reform police attitudes. That of course cannot be denied but the 'modernisers' have stitched up the police to such an extent that they no longer appear on our streets.

Post 'Stephen Lawrence' the modernisers kicked in to take the police off the streets. They hamstrung them so that all racial cases had to be handled with kid gloves. As the immigrants poured into the country and committed all manner of crimes the Justice system backed off because nobody wanted a 'race' issue. 

Now we are where we are. Doreen Lawrence has proven her point. I too have lost a son so I bear her pain but my son was not lost in such a violent way (well yes he was but not murdered and the pain is still the same). The consequence of the death of Stephen Lawrence has a long arm. His death has been used by the 'modernisers' to further their cause and so to see Common Purpose trained Met officers piously declaring that his death changed the attitude of the police was frankly sickening!

The 'modernisers' took every advantage to use the death of Stephen Lawrence to their own ends. The BBC is as ever leading the way. Where is the compassion? As long as the 'modernisers' are controlling the agenda we will never have closure. They are all on Newsnight tonight!


F***W*T TW****R said...

And we've lost a powerful weapon against the state, double jeopardy.

Budvar said...

I take exception to your assertion that everyone knew the killers of St Stephen. I for one don't know who killed as I wasn't there and I suspect neither were you.

This politically expedient show trial would put anything presided over by Judge Oswald Rothaug look fair.

This conviction is a classic example of an unsafe conviction, and I suspect they'll be victims of unfortunate accidents long before they're ever released on appeal.

They may well be guilty, but they never had a snowballs chance in hell of a fair unbiased trial.

bryboy said...

Budvar your comment made me pause to think because in fairness you are right. In this particular case however, I believe the right people were in the dock but if I examine my heart impartially then much of the evidence (forensic apart)was circumstantial. The forensic evidence was powerful though. You made a good point!