Saturday, 21 January 2012

It is this age of austerity!

In this age of austerity have you noticed how it never applies to the 'modernisers'? In an age when we, the public, cannot afford public toilets or libraries the 'modernisers' can afford high speed railways, another London airport, an Olympics, a royal yacht and a huge bail out of the euro?

It is ridiculous! They never stop spending taxpayer's money. They cannot understand that we cannot afford their ambition. In my household I have a budget. I know what I can afford. At the moment I can afford everything that I pay for but if the going gets tough then what do I cut? First on the agenda would be Sky TV... it is a luxury that I love but when the going gets tough it would get chopped and so in government terms that could mean stopping our contributions to the European Union because it is an expensive luxury that we can't afford.

Then we have savings. Today we can still save for our future but if inflation continues to rise we would have to cut back. In government terms it means that we cannot afford the lavish Foreign Aid that we dispense to countries with better growth than ourselves. It is just common sense. 

I will never understand why all our international commitments cost we, the British, so much money. Four French soldiers get killed in Afghanistan and immediately Sarkozy threatens to withdraw the French contingent. Four!? We have been in Afghanistan longer than the Second World War. The cost in manpower has been horrific and nobody has yet been able to explain why we, an island nation, can  have our security threatened by marauding Afghans! The official excuse is pathetic so there must be another reason for so much loss of life. The cost is also horrific and so I must just concede that we are being fleeced.

Do you understand what I am saying? We do not need to beg or borrow our way out of debt. We just cut our cloth to what we can afford. I do not need SKY TVor savings to survive. I can cut so much if I have to and so can the government. They can cut so much frivolous spending, starting with their own bar and dining facility, but then they choose not to and you still vote for them! It is still time to refuse to vote ConDemLab. Don't give them your approval. They are cheating on you but when will you get the message?


Zoompad said...

Why are they having all massive banquets with expensive wine when entertaining people from other countries? Why can't they just give them a nice ordinary dinner, meat and two veg or a plate of salad or fish and chips or something, washed down with a nice cup of tea or coffee or some fruit juice, with maybe a piece of chocolate cake, some cheese and biscuits and a juicy apple for dessert?

I don't understand how public funds can be spent of really posh resturant meals and wine, when the Government are saying to disabled people, and even a man with head cancer that their Disability Living Allowance is going to be taken away. The Government ought to be ashamed of themselves, doing that. If I was in Parliament I would give all the visiting people some cheese and tomato sandwiches and some different sorts of crisps and fruit and chocolate biscuits and make them all a cup of tea or coffee, or have a kettle and all the kettle cups and stuff handy so that they could help themselves, and if anyone started moaning I would just explain to them that we had to keep the costs down so that people who were disabled could have the money they needed, and if they carried on moaning after that I would just tell them to grow up and stop being so selfish. Why cant David Cameron and all the others in Parliament do that?

Zoompad said...

Some of those people they entertain could do with going on a diet anyway, so giving them big banquets and wine isn't doing them any good in the long run. And having a bar in Parliament is not a good idea, no wonder some of them end up falling asleep during the debates. They should get rid of the House of Commons bar and have some drinks machines installed instead, and one of those water machines, because some of those really lardy MPs are going to end up having a heart attack or a stroke if they dont stop stuffing themselves with too much food and alcohol, they should have a little shop to get apples and oranges and bananas in there, and maybe they could have a sandwich machine as well. They could have a canteen like a school canteen and have delicious home made soup (not out of a can, thats not so good for you) a different soup every day, and a hunk of bread to eat with the soup, much better for you than a lot of the stuff they are obviously eating (as you can see from how fat or skinny and aneimic looking some of them are) home made tomato soup is really delicious, they could have that and some rice pudding to fill them up a bit, or some lovely home made cake but no alcohol because that makes you sleepy, so you shouldnt have it in the daytime anyway, and they have to keep awake in the House of Commons debates or else all the country end up getting completly stuffed up, no wonder everything is in a muddle.