Thursday, 19 January 2012

The blood boils!

At my age it is best to remain calm despite the provocations which the politicians heap onto the public. So in this spirit of good health I opened the Daily Mail this morning and immediately my blood reached boiling point!

Now I know the Daily Mail is reputed by left wing modernisers to be sensationalist and provocative but until they disprove the stories then I will continue to read it. I have been railing against so called British Justice for some time now occasionally highlighting the antics of our hopelessly inadequate judges so when I witness this on the steps of our courts then I know that all justice has ceased. This young man should have been immediately rearrested and charged with 'contempt of court'. I can only hope that one day when he is old and grey another young thug will kick some sense into his head!

Then we have two more examples of our contemptible immigration policy! Both featured Lithuanians allowed into this country en masse because of our association with the European Union. One of them, a convicted child rapist, was yesterday jailed for life for an horrific rape. Of course we all know that 'life' does not mean 'life' and that he will never be deported so when the lady judge asks 'Do we let anyone in' I have to ask her what planet is she is living on?

It is also no surprise that the distress of the Kolar family at the murder of their parents witnessed by most of us now appears to have been at the hands of another Lithuanian who was arrested yesterday. I must now pose the question just who is checking on these immigrants? They wouldn't be here you know if we didn't give them financial incentives. When is the Coalition going to remove the incentives and properly reevaluate the welfare system?

I know the answer to that and so do most of you but as this 'green and pleasant land' sinks to new depths of depravity one still has to pose the question...who is really trying to get us back on track or is hope now just a dream?


SAB said...

If the Kolar family murder isn't a reason to bring back capital punishment, i don't know what is!


When you read that article it's hard not to think 'what if this happened to my parents?'. Scary stuff and my thoughts go out to their family.

These types of violent crime used to be few and far between, but you seem to hear about them more and more. It would be interesting to know what percentage of violent crime has been committed by immigrants in the UK over the past 15 years since our borders where opened up to ANYBODY who wants a slice of the cake.

SAB said...

When you read the many hundreds of comments in response to these articles on the Daily Mail's website, it would seem that the UK public are screaming out for change to our stupid laws and immigration policies. But nobody is listening. What to do?

bryboy said...

Exactly SAB what do we do? In Greece they riot, in France they get on the streets but we have a welfare society which means that everyone here is comfortable. Nobody is starving! Nobody REALLY needs to protest because the next benefit cheque is just around the corner. We are ALL seething apart from the young and fit. They have been anaesthetised by 'the system' who have turned them into pathetic grinning idiots. They only know football, pop music, films,and telly! They are the children of the state devoid of serious intellect.I think that to get any response from this 'modernising' government we have to bring their bloody Olympics down! No need for violence but just a lot of people protesting on the streets and bringing London to a standstill!

SAB said...

sounds good! hopefully the sas won't crash through our windows for merely suggesting such a thing :-)