Thursday, 12 January 2012

On and On it goes...!

Nottinghamshire Healthcare allowed a man with psychological problems out into the community who his entire family knew was mentally unstable. They ignored the views of the family and as a result he killed his grandfather.

Now the Healthcare authority wheel out a Healthcare professional in front of the cameras to apologise! Once again nobody is sacked for incompetence and nobody is held responsible. The family are left to grieve knowing that a death was preventable with just a hint of professionalism. 

24 times they voiced their fears and were ignored. How can the Chief Executive and so many more retain their jobs? What level of incompetence has to be illustrated before someone is sacked? Under this 'modernising' society what does it take to replace an under performing public service employee? How many more grieving families before we change the system?  


bewick said...

Last night I watched a programme about the Police in Mansfield, Notts. Barely 10 miles from my Derbyshire roots.
A paedophile, locked up for 20 years, was let out for 2 hours "on licence". He managed to rape an innocent 10 year old boy in that time. He did immediately admit and has now been incarcerated for life with no chance again of "licence". It should never have happened at all!
On the same programme was a total **** (even the Police Officers used that word) who has 19 convictions and carries on without worry. He admits that prison is like a holiday camp. The Police have their hands tied by PACE and can rarely get enough to convict (for what use that would be)such is the balance of favour to the criminal. This **** said "no comment" throughout and , 3 days later, managed a supposed alibi despite definite sightings. He was never charged.
I cannot but agree with the Police Officers who said that they so wished that things were as they were in the 70s (Life on Mars). I reviewed Police Practices both before and after PACE. The balance has definitely changed in favour of the criminal.

bryboy said...

Hi Bewick, It is really depressing because the public are unable to communicate their disgust to the Political Class. Our criminal justice system has been intentionally destroyed to a point where we are all being endangered. It is ALL so wrong! Nobody who is not a total traitor can believe that what we have to endure is democratically dishonest.