Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mr Fred Goodwin!

Big shot: Sir Fred on a clay pigeon shoot. The nature of the injunction he had meant that his former employers had no idea what he got up to during his time as chief executive

It is all well and good to strip this irresponsible 'criminal' of his Gordon Brown induced knighthood but how does that punish him? His conduct is surely criminal. It was reckless and yet he is walking away with a pension pot that is ridiculous. He single handedly almost brought a major UK bank to its knees. How can a CEO do that and get away with it?

In my opinion Fred Goodwin, charged with the safety of the Royal Bank of Scotland, allowed criminal behaviour. How could any Chief Executive lose so much money? He was clearly either, an incompetent CEO or a criminal hell bent on making major profits at the hands of the clients of the bank. He should not walk away with anything. He should be criminally charged but the 'system' is punishing him with a loss of a knighthood. So how does that punish someone who has become a billionaire on the back of reckless behaviour which cost his firm billions in revenue and cost thousands of jobs.

In my opinion someone is protecting Mr Goodwin and it is a disgrace. He should be in the dock! It is typical of a system which we are increasingly becoming accustomed to. So many failed Chief Executives are walking away with huge rewards because it is expedient to protect corruption. Is anyone prepared to expose them...certainly not because they are all in the same club. Sorry people but you will physically have to take this country back to restore any sense of democracy. They have got you by the proverbial!

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