Thursday, 12 January 2012

We cannot go on like this...

Anyone who witnessed the grief of the daughter and son of Mr and Mrs Kolar on SKY news this afternoon as they appealed for those who murdered their parents to be caught would have to be a stone not to be moved by them. They were distraught and I am not ashamed to say that I wept with them.

I just wonder what some of the 'modernisers', the very people who have corrupted our justice system, thought when they witnessed the results of their handy work. Are they still so proud of what they are doing to our society? Have they no compassion for the people who suffer because of their warped ideals? 

I have complained so often but until we bring back punishments which fit the crime and yes I mean, where appropriate, mediaeval retaliation and definitely capital punishment, the scenes we witnessed this afternoon will continue and increase. I just cannot accept that a hard working, close knit, decent family should be subjected to so much trauma because some lawless individuals have no respect for the justice system. 

The Labour party had 13 years to confront it and failed. So far the Coalition are also failing to tighten up the Justice system. It is so riddled by failing laws, weak judges and interference from the EU that we have totally lost our way. We seriously need leadership! We need courage but even seeing the results today of the 'modernisation' of our society I cannot see one mainstream politician who will confront the 'modernisers' and say 'you are wrong...look what you have done...look at what you are doing...we must change direction NOW'! 

If you can think of one let me know!

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