Thursday, 26 January 2012

Who will tackle the Immigration Problem?

A friend, who I will call my Leicestershire correspondent, has pointed me in the direction of a report which appeared in the 'This is Leicestershire' publication and highlights a problem which I am sure, if we knew the full picture, would be magnified many times over.

I would be prepared to wager that the attitude and callousness of this Hungarian immigrant mirrors a problem which is being concealed from the public. The fact that our porous borders allow anyone who desires free money and housing into this country is bound to attract the undesirable. It is meant to attract them. Our prisons are full of them and it is costing us a small fortune.

I will reiterate that I know immigrants who have arrived here with full intentions of being good citizens and adopting our way of life. They are lovely people and deserve everything that they achieve. They now speak excellent English and have never expected a penny from the state. 

However, when you catch an uninsured driver with 11 people in his car and kids stuffed into the boot who also requires an interpreter to represent him then for the life of me I can see no reason for him or his family to remain here. Clearly he has little regard for the laws of this land and has forfeited the right to live here. He could have killed anybody. When will our modernising politicians admit that we must get a grip of our borders and prevent this type of ignorant layabout from taking advantage of a creaking system of immigration?

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