Saturday, 21 January 2012

Syria and elsewhere?

Does anyone else know why the western world is ignoring the plight of the people in Syria? Can anyone explain why their dictator is being allowed to slaughter his own people in order to hang onto power? Why are the international forces of justice protecting Bashar al-Assad when they released the dogs of war on Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi?What is the difference?

May I suggest that the difference is that the Syrian Leader has no oil to protect and probably in every other way he is cooperating with the world's bankers. He is no threat to the New World Order so we don't go there. Iraq on the other hand had much that the 'corporatocracies' coveted and so had Libya.

I suspect that Gaddafi actually defied the multiple national 'corporatocracies' and they taught him a lesson which would reverberate around the world. The same with Saddam Hussein! If you upset the 'corporatopcracies' then you are toast!

However, if you have responsible leaders who care for the people then you can defy the New World Order...take Ecuador for example. Ecuador sold out to the American bankers until Rafael Correa arrived on the scene. He declared that their national debt was illegitimate and refused to pay! So what happened....nothing....he is still in charge and he is forging alliances with countries like Venezuela and Nicaragua who regard the United States as the 'Great Satan'. Correa reckons that is an insult to the devil!!

You see you hear nothing of this from the political driven mainstream media in this country. Who cares about Central and South American countries? Who cares about countries that are defying the very people who control our media in this country?

I am learning all the time and when I do I will pass it on. In the meantime Syrians are dying for freedom and nobody much seems to care.


Martin said...

The Syrian martyrs are true heroes laying down their lives to build the road to freedom.

bewick said...

Problem is that a revolution there will provide an unbroken chain of Islamic states and the likelihood of a new Ottoman type empire with a Caliph. Seriously dangerous. If I really believed what Martin thinks ..... well we started out thinking that about Egypt, Tunisia, Libya but look at what is actually happening.

bryboy said...

This is belated. I am reading a book about the effect that the United States has had on so many small states in the world. So I now believe that there is a power game developing between Christianity and Islam. We cannot trust the western New World Order but don't want anything to do with Islam because it is not for us. Where are we going?