Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The London Olympics

Every time that I pick up a paper it appears that something else has bespoiled the London Olympics. The Political Class that are responsible for this event seem hell bent on spitting on the public. Every conceivable opportunity is being exacted to gain maximum advantage and illustrate to the public just who is in charge.

Firstly we had the ticket farce where people paid up front for tickets
not knowing which event they had been allocated if indeed they received any tickets at all. Then we realised that many of the better tickets had been 'awarded' to corporate bodies and were being used as 'prizes' for their customers.

We then discovered that more of the better tickets had been reserved for the politicians and their cronies and that they had been almost exclusively been awarded tickets for the main events. If that wasn't bad enough it was released that some tickets had never been on offer and had been retained for foreign dignitaries to exploit.

We won't go into the scandal regarding the future of the Olympic accommodation which at one time was meant to be affordable housing but eventually ended up in the hands of property developers but now we also hear that VIPs will be transported by a fleet of 4000 BMWs along dedicated lanes to avoid the inconvenience of mixing with the public!

Now the UK Border Control (yes apparently it does exist) announce that Olympic VIPs will receive dedicated passport lanes to avoid the normal crush! They pile indignity after indignity on the public and I sense a weary resignation descending on so many of us as this farce unfolds. I do wonder however, what happens if this weary resignation turns to anger. I believe that the Olympic Games might just be the catalyst to ignite the seething frustration felt by so many.

We have mass lawlessness in our society. The UK is becoming a very dangerous country stuffed to the brim by feral foreigners unaccountable to the authorities. Most of us who live here know when and where to venture but visitors don't! If it kicks off they will need more than 23000 security guards to protect the ZILs ...sorry BMWs!

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SAB said...

I'm also wondering if they'll be any trouble during the Olympics. It's certainly a fine stage to make a statement on.

The 'games' don't really interest me that much. No doubt i'll catch some of it on telly but it's all been soured by the ticket fiasco and the like.. My favourite speed sailing course (Portland Harbour) has more or less been ruined by the new Olympic developments elsewhere in the harbour. Well I guess thats 30 years of speedsailing heritage down the swanny!