Monday, 9 January 2012

What do we believe?

I was sent the link to this video by a relative who could not believe her eyes and ears. I viewed it some time ago and came to the conclusion that Aaron Rosso was plausible. Because of his position and background he had strong links to many of the people who belong to what is termed the New World Order.

The New World Order are mainly bankers and as Mr Rosso articulates they are hell bent on changing the world. I see that over 1,700.000 have now viewed this clip and yet nothing much has changed. In fact it has got worse which gives his other claims a strange credibility.

I must admit that I declare an interest because I have always claimed that the EU is an illicit organisation that could never stand close inspection. I have always laughed off the monstrous claim that our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan to make us a safer country. Tony Blair has been totally discredited for taking us to war in Iraq and if anyone still believes that the economies of almost every western European country was caused by 'reckless' bankers' should really get a  reality check.

The bankers were responsible but they were not reckless because it was very well planned and executed. The compliant politicians just helped the plan along.


mendiplad said...

you seem to have come a long way in your information gathering in the last couple of months. The items you mention are recent history, the actual story goes way back in antiquity. Unfortunately most of the significant milestones have been erased from the net. It will be a long and winding path you are venturing along
in pursuit of information.
Suggest everytime you stumble on a 'stone' turn it over, examine it closely and learn all its details and the hidden knowledge may be revealed to you.
After twentyfive years of peering I know very little of value.
My old 'workmate' Hiram Abif
would be shaking his head at recent events. ha..

bryboy said...

Hello Mendiplad and welcome to my humble home! You are correct that I am just gathering information and knowledge. Every now and then I stumble across something else. Much of what I read resembles the treachery employed by the Rothschilds over the centuries but converted onto a modern platform. By the way I had to 'Google' Hiram Abiff!