Friday, 13 January 2012

Now France goes down the tubes!

It is becoming hard to understand the current financial crisis engulfing the members of the European know all those countries who were economically healthy before they joined the 'club'. Today France became yet another country to lose their credit rating which should be a disaster for the country but somehow nobody seems to care.

As country after country collapses financially one wonder what it means? The sums involved in all cases are so astronomical that I wonder how it can happen? These countries all have professional financial advisers presumably paid handsomely to keep their countries out of the red so what has happened?

How can normal families budget to keep themselves solvent but countries like, shall we say, France, Spain, Greece (!), Portugal, Ireland, Italy and yes the UK all owe huge sums of money to an invisible authority who has lent them bewildering amounts of cash? Who has that much money? Come on who has so much money that they can lend these countries trillions of euros? It simply is not possible.

We are all being duped. We are being conned by the politicians and the bankers. Our financial system has been corrupted and I really wonder whether they are playing too close to the wind. I really hope not because the figures are beginning to look fictitious! 


NewsboyCap said...


As long as we 'the Taxpayer' keep paying it doesn't matter to them, it's not their money they are playing with.

SAB said...

Find it hard to feel sorry for them lot :-)

SAB said...

Surely at some point all this lot is going to have to be simply written off? I mean there's no way in hell it's gonna get paid back to whoever it's owed to (not sure if anyone actually knows for sure?) ... My calculator doesn't have enough digits :-)

bryboy said...

That's the rub SAB! What is the future for the children of today. The whole situation is a farce. Whoever owns the worlds' banks is lending money it probably hasn't got! It is just a paper exercise but as NewsboyCap states the taxpayer keeps the system going. They are playing a game but we keep propping it up.

Anonymous said...

The problem is "we" have no choice other than to prop it up as it is not our decision. It is made by the political classes who know we are being taken for a ride, yet they're getting their backhanders, so they just don't care!