Tuesday, 24 January 2012

English Defence League!

We all have our own method of protest against the madness which has descended upon this country in the last, at least, twenty years. I write this blog. I am fortunate that, as an ex grammar schoolboy, I was educated to be able to write a sentence or two. I often wonder however, how frustrated I would become if I could see my country being invaded by an army of foreigners and consequently finding myself competing for houses and jobs at the lower end of the market.

Not all British working class people are happy to be benefit scroungers. Not everyone wants to be kept by the state and have their future prospects limited by a Political Class hell bent on controlling your life, your family and your children.

From this background the English Defence League has emerged. I actually know nothing about the EDL but from what I have read it comprises working class people protesting in their own way particularly against the advance of Islam in this country. Islam has not yet affected my life or the lives of probably very many English people but if you live shoulder to shoulder with people promoting an alien culture then it would be unnatural not to become anxious.

So the EDL has decided that they will hold a march through Leicester next Saturday to protest presumably against the tidal wave of immigration. The march has apparently been sanctioned by the police and the EDL claim that they want a peaceful protest. So far so good!

That is until the 'Unite against Fascism' group then decide that they too want to march through Leicester on the same day and at the same time as the EDL. Clearly to allow two opposing groups to clash is a recipe for disaster so why have the police allowed this lunacy? In my opinion it is being allowed to stifle public protest. They actually want trouble to occur so that any legitimate argument against mass immigration will disappear amidst lurid headlines.

Read the type of person who support the UAF. It is clearly trade union dominated and as such can be mobilised at a whim. I never hear about UAF until the EDL or formerly the BNP (British National Party) appear on a public platform. The UAF give the impression that they are financed by the Trade Unions to bully and threaten any person remotely connected to nationalism.

The clips will inevitable appear on Youtube and I will conclude by suggesting that you observe which party instigates the violence! I would suggest that the EDL march will come under pressure from the UAF or ... dare I suggest the police themselves.  As ever the mainstream media will slant their reports in favour of their principle objective which means people who want to maintain the traditional British way of life are of course misguided!


bewick said...

the UAF are the very fascists that they claim to oppose.
I think that they are an offshoot of Searchlight. Whatever - the 3 main parties actually support Searchlight/UAF. That tells me something. LOTS. The first to reject this unholy alliance may well get my vote (do votes actually count anymore?)

As for unions. Mmm they CLAIM to represent members but those very members likely split on the same national lines as the general population.
So WHO do the unions actually represent? Certainly not their members. I always refused to pay the "political" levy. Do others? Have they even been told?

bryboy said...

Well we sure agree on this point! I once joined UNISON for a week or so until I attended a scandalous meeting where the local rep began by criticising 'managers'. I pointed out that as a 'manager'they were still accepting my subs and resigned the next day! Once again many members do not even think about where the political levy ends up.

Anonymous said...

The EDL demonstration in Leicester is to expose the hypocrisy of the race laws. This follows the letting off of 3 Somali teenagers for beating up a white girl - calling her a 'white bitch'.
Not surprisingly, the police and CPS refused to bring charges under race-hate laws.
Their successful defence was that, due to their religion (yes, that peaceful one,) they were not used to being under the influence of alcohol!

bryboy said...

Hello anonymous, I read about the case and it was a genuine disgrace. A travesty of our law. If that is what is behind the march on this occasion then I wish them luck!