Sunday, 1 January 2012

UKIP and the EU!

Godfrey Bloom
I have just been reviewing the antics of Nigel Farage and Godfrey Bloom on Youtube. They are two of the UKIP European MPs and they are making a real nuisance of themselves. Sometimes it is hilarious because they harangue the whole EU sideshow with alacrity.

They insult and challenge and of course none of it is ever reported by the BBC or the mainstream media because they tell the absolute truth. It is akin to 'the King is in the altogether'.  I must admit I had never heard of Godfrey Bloom until my daughter sent me a clip of him in action. He really bats for Britain and relishes the opportunity of voicing what most of us inherently believe!

In one short, sharp speech he summed everything up! There are other clips! If you have never seen Nigel Farage in action then he too is worth a viewing. The clip of Godfrey Bloom being thrown out of the EU parliament is hilarious! He doesn't give two monkeys! He treats them as they are an absolute joke not worthy of any serious consideration (and of course he is right!). 

I know that if Godfrey stood in the General Election after this type of exposure then he would win a seat and I would love to see this type of rhetoric in Westmonster!! The problem is that the public never see him in action because the modernisers don't allow the public access to this example of rebellion. It is my job to circumnavigate the mainstream media. Godfrey Bloom I salute you!

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