Friday, 6 January 2012

Common Purpose and the Police

I have been fascinated recently to learn of just how many people are prepared to submit themselves to Common Purpose indoctrination in order for personal advancement. I have recently waded through this list and I concentrated on the police mainly because the police can be identified by rank and position.

I found 309 people (I expected more) with links to various UK police forces and the years that they sold themselves to Common Purpose. During the many appointments, promotions and media appearances I did not find one reference to their Common Purpose association.

Of those 309 individuals 189 rose to a position of Superintendent or higher. Three are Assistant Commissioners, 16 are/were Chief Constables and a further 16 Deputy Chief Constables. The list ceases at 2006 so it could be much higher by now. There is little doubt that the influence of Common Purpose has become a major problem if we are to administer the country in a fair and democratic manner.

It is also worth mentioning that some of those on the list were civilian administrators (like Chair people of various local police authorities) and not serving police officers and in addition some women could not be further traced (possibly serving under married names).

I have no doubt that the people that were approached by CP have talent as many were educated to degree level but to submit to a 'secret' organisation surely indicates character flaws. In the overall police organisation 309 rotten apples is still quite small but their seniority makes them dangerous. I do wonder how their colleagues view them?

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