Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Common Purpose

I have been studying members of Common Purpose through the information that the British Constitution Group has posted on the Internet. The period of their evidence extends  from 1992 until about 2006 so the activity has since continued for at least a further 6 years.You must realise that this organisation is highly active in this country and yet nobody talks about it. I began my blog on the back of this secret organisation because I was outraged that they could recruit public servants in secrecy.

I have trolled through their records seeking an objective, a reasoning or an ambition and I feel that I have discovered something. They organise a youth programme called 'Your Turn'. The participants all have one thing in common. They are selected from inner city schools particularly from London, Coventry and Bristol. Yes there are also other centres like Tyneside, Humberside, Portsmouth and Plymouth but strangely, at that time, they were not operating in Lancashire or the East Midlands.

Why would they concentrate on inner city schools? Well I just hazard a guess that they are picking up first or second generation bright kids from immigrant families who do have an inherent loyalty to this once great country. If you exist in an inner city society and can see that the indigenous British live in the 'better' areas then you will want a slice of the action.

Of course that is exactly what Common Purpose want to foster.  They will promote mistrust and malevolence and looking at the army of people who have passed through their indoctrination programmes they have been very successful. I suspect that by this time there are CP graduates everywhere. It is a fifth column of treason ensuring that EU edicts are embedded into our way of life.

Until this organisation and its disciples are exposed and uncovered then we will never return this country back to democratic principles.

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