Monday, 2 January 2012

Murder is becoming common place!


I fear that murder is becoming common place on our streets. Case after case is being announced on the news programmes and we are becoming immune to the shock of it all. In particular knife crime has become a daily event particularly in areas inhabited by those termed ethnic minorities.

We have always had drunken fights but today these fights are ended with a knife. The police continually hold knife 'amnesties' but they mean nothing because the people who carry knives do not have the same values that many of us born in this country were instilled with. Fair play and honour no longer exist as it has become survival of the most ruthless.

Clearly the absence of the police from the streets is having a huge effect and their conversion from protectors of the public to state 'Stasi' seems now complete. Weak sentencing and cushy prisons mean that the 'modernisers' have done their work well because there is absolutely no deterrent in the Justice system which would deter a serial criminal. The Human Rights Act and a benefit culture which encourages fraud disgusts so many of us but then up pops a moderniser to justify the break down of our society.

I think the clash of two shoplifting gangs of black lads who descended on a shoe shop during the Boxing Day sales and stabbed one of their own in an argument over a pair of trainers sums it all up! As usual the police arrived well after the event just in time to hold the crowd back.

It will only get worse!

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