Thursday, 26 January 2012

Nick Clegg!

Sian Williams
Sian Williams
The leader of the LibDems is a charlatan. I believe that anyone who has a brain can see that he is purely a political animal with not an ounce of conviction. He clearly has no feel for the will of the public and frankly he doesn't care. Nick Clegg is an arch European moderniser so when he appeared on the BBC breakfast time programme I expected the usual crap.

Step forward Miss Goody Twoshoes, Sian Williams, who in my opinion could, along with her partner in crime Bill Turnbull, bore for Britain! Suddenly Sian became a rotweiler! She absolutely savaged Clegg who must have expected the usual BBC easy ride! He was proposing a LibDem policy which had no substance because he had no control over George Osborne's budget. 

She immediately pounced on his duplicity and exposed him for what he was...a double dealing europhile. She did us all a favour and I have rarely seen a mainstream politician looking so crestfallen. His big launch had been destroyed by an eagle eyed presenter! I hope that one day Sian heads towards Newsnight because on the evidence of this she really could be the next Paxman!

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bewick said...

didn't see it Bryboy but Sian? Well I've always found her seriously attractive and hearing that she has attack dog instincts just makes her more attractive. Sadly I'm too old now but once upon a time..... I was once powerful and always appreciated powerful women.Shan't go there.
Good that she exposed Clegg