Saturday, 28 January 2012

More nonsense exposed!

It is little wonder that we despair of the Political Class when we read stories like this one. This one case exposes all the lies and deceit that the arrogant mainstream politicians heap on to the public. From start to finish it is a tale of incompetence, weakness and ineptitude all committed by our politicians and civil servants.

Where do we begin? A convicted Czech murderer walks into the country and our pathetic UK Border Agency claim that he was not 'flagged up' by the Czech authorities. Clearly that implies that their database is ineffective and therefore cannot be trusted. This man had convictions in his homeland for gross indecency, indecent assault, a brutal axe attack on a woman and had murdered his wife into the bargain. He is a most dangerous man and if the Czech authorities kept this quiet then they cannot be trusted.

He arrived here in 2009 and has since carried out a series of attacks the worst being a rape at knifepoint. I just wonder what the victims feel like now that the truth is out? These attacks are now happening too frequently to be ignored. Nothing however, no matter how violent and rotten, seems capable of shaking the Home Office out of their lethargy. He has by the way been sentenced to prison at our expense. He has been sentenced to 'life' but could be out in 12 years. What nonsense!

We are, thanks to the modernisers from all parties,  receiving the dregs of eastern Europe and here in the same newspaper is yet another example of the open border policy. This dotty agreement with the EU insisting on freedom of movement but containing no proper regulation is placing our citizens in jeopardy.
It is so serious and so utterly stupid that one must arrive at the inevitable conclusion that it has been imposed on us deliberately. I cannot think of one single aspect of rule by the EU which has been of benefit to the British public.

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