Tuesday, 24 January 2012

An Interesting Link!

This is an interesting link! I often think that I push a little too hard but I am just a babe in arms! I do wonder if anyone has been arrested yet? Personally I just think that if I were a past, present or future Prime Minister of this country and somebody called me one of he dirtiest words in the dictionary I would sue; that is of course if I thought that I would win!


bewick said...

I know what you are saying and generally agree. Sadly I think that the Lincolnshire approach won't work.
Needs too many to see and sign up. ~It won't happen.
The French once showed us the way and the Bastille was razed. Maybe we will soon follow.
About time - but I don't wish to see the Queen deposed - just Parliament.

bryboy said...

I think it would take something seismic to wake the British up to march. Nothing seems to shake the apathy. We agree on most things Bewick but I'm not sure about the position of the monarchy. I think that we all want to believe in the House of Windsor but there have been too many anomalies recently.