Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Race to the Bottom!

frankie cocozza fake Frankie Cocozza Fights With Girls At X Factor Party While Winking At Big Brother SlotIt is becoming difficult to weed out a worthwhile subject from the misery that is being heaped on the British public. Day after day we are subjected to humiliation from all quarters. Yesterday I watched the weekly Punch and Judy Show called PM's Question Time where the opposition asks a series of meaningless questions which the PM avoids answering. In the meantime the nation is facing a crisis in industry, the young (those that are employable) cannot secure a job, foreign criminals are committing unspeakable crimes and nobody is even addressing the social breakdown that down here on planet Earth we are witnessing.

We, as a nation, still 'bung' India foreign aid which apparently is expected to encourage them to award us lucrative contracts. It is being reported that India in return for our generosity has just awarded a major new 'plane' contract to France (who don't give them anything!).  Astra Zeneca has just announced the astonishing news that 7500 skilled people will soon lose their jobs. The bad news continues unabated.

In addition we now discover that the war our troops have been waging in Afghanistan which inherently most of us knew was not a great idea has all been a waste of time. So many brave lads killed or maimed and the Taliban (with the support of Pakistan) has won the battle of hearts and minds! We will eventually leave when the American and British politicians want to gain an electoral advantage and nothing will have changed.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary the UK Border Force still find it too difficult to prevent lawless individuals from strolling into this country and committing crimes against us. Even when we catch one he dies in his cell before he can be brought to trial. What is going on? Can we not do anything right? This freedom of movement throughout Europe clearly disadvantages the UK and should be brought to an end. It is yet another example of the EU doing the British no favours.

Everywhere we look the standards that we have held dear for centuries in this country are being eroded. Nothing seems to work like it did particularly in the public sector where some civil service departments appear close to collapse. Common sense has left government and been replaced by hand wringing, apathy and self serving greed.

Everywhere we look life has become a race to the bottom. The problem is we don't yet know how deep the bottom is. I get the impression that it will be a long, slow, painful descent into the abyss. Never mind folks Frankie Cocozza found his way onto the 'Wright Stuff' earlier this week! At least there is some good news!


SAB said...

..I always look forward to reading your next post, but a little word of advice, at 02.07 in the morning you should be tucked up in bed getting some valuable sleep. Then you might be in a better mood and a little more upbeat!! It could be worse, we're sall still alive and it's gonna snow at the weekend (maybe) happy days! :-)

On another note, what's this I keep hearing about the Falklands? Is Cameron going to pull a Thatcheresk type stunt on us and have fistycuffs with the Argies so it will take all our attention away from the Euro-crisis and the next batch of powers he's going to sneakily sign over to Brussels??? I don't think we have the military capacity anymore to have a scrap with Argentina, unless the prince takes them all on my himself Rambo-style.

As for Afghanistan, i've said from the very start it was a complete waste of life, time and money. As soon as we withdraw the Tallytubbies will be back in. The people just want to get on and live their lives. They don't care whether they make an 'honest' living, just as long as they get paid and are left alone. Why we are still there i'll never know. It would be nice to think we've done some good out there so that the lads that have lost their lives didn't die for nothing. Their deaths are on Brown's/Cameron's hands. A good friend of mine is a RM Commando, due to go back this year for some more target practice. Hope he stays safe.

SAB said...

apologies for all the typos... was in a hurry...

bryboy said...

SAB... I don't know how the clock has been skewed but believe me I do not blog at two o'clock in the morning. I have normally had far too much to drink! I take your point however and I will try to be a bit more upbeat. I am soon to have a reunion with many of my former'trainees'. That keeps me upbeat. Such a pity that you couldn't witness this event. You might see me in a better light!!!

profoundly_disturbed said...

Between you and Capt Ranty today I may well open a vein or two.

What a state of dispair!