Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Olympic Tickets...scope for scandal!

I am a huge sports fan and every four years the epitome of sporting endeavour arrives with a blaze of publicity. The Olympic Games has always been the highlight of the sporting calendar. To win an Olympic gold medal just has to be the pinnacle of any sportspersons achievement. This year we host the Olympic Games and in years gone by I would have queued for weeks for a ticket to be in the Olympic Stadium.

This year I have ignored the process simply because it is an insult to sports fans. The complex, unreliable and utterly corroded application process just has to be driven by greed. How ordinary people can grant access to their bank accounts to strangers who cannot guarantee how much they will withdraw and what you will get for your money is ridiculous.

Yesterday I posted about endemic corruption and frankly this illustrates the problem. Nobody could have come up with a more disingenuous system if they tried. So why have they done it? Well when it come to prestige the Olympic Games is the tops. Every corporate authority, every government and every tinpot dictator will be out to grease palms for an Olympic ticket. The scope for corruption is beyond belief! So the general public have been put on hold until the deals have been done.

I just wonder how many ordinary members of the British public will witness for example the final of the 100 metres? My guess is that nobody who is a 'nobody' will gain access to the major popular events. Those tickets will be long gone. Once again the gullible British public will pay for everything and gain nothing.

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