Thursday, 19 February 2009

It is only 1.5 Trillion pounds!

According to the ITV news we are now officially 1.5 trillion pounds in debt! Can you imagine the level of incompetence which has led to that figure. I have continually blogged over the past year that the New Labour Project is costing us our economy. Thousands of Civil Servants, members of Quangos, Trusts and Committees, false charities, local government officials and the families and friends of MP's have been for years gorging themselves at public expense.

This is the reason that the government never has any money to spend on the public. They throw vast sums of money at organisations like the NHS but they seem to have little in the way of accountability. Nobody ever checks out how public money is being spent.

Despite the evidence the New Labour Project will continue unabated because that is paramount. Nothing will be allowed to derail the profligacy of this NoLab government because they are never wrong. Look at Gordon! He never answers a straight question with a straight answer, he is never wrong and he is never to blame.

I know that I once blogged that my real fear was that if Gordon Brown was wrong he could do a lot of damage before he would be forced to face the electorate. He is living up to all my expectations. He is prepared to ruin the country purely to satisfy his ego. What a bloody hero!

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