Sunday, 8 February 2009

Political Sleaze

Today in the Mail on Sunday they are running a story about our housewifely Home Secretary who has pocketed over £100,000 claiming it is for a second home in London when in effect she stays with her sister. This is the same Home Secretary who employes her husband as a researcher.

The Daily Herald has uncovered another story which implicates Lord Moonie in yet another cash for questions scandal where apparently he has been tabling questions in the Lords in return for money from the American Arms firm Northrop Grummon Corporation.

Almost week after week stories are uncovered about this political sleaze which is almost neverending. Now the interesting background to Lord Moonie is that he gave up his parliamentary seat in Kirkcaldy to allow Gordon Brown to stand. In return he got a peerage. This is the same Kirkcaldy where the register of ballots recorded for the Glenrothes By Election went missing from the Sheriff's Office where it was held in safekeeping.

Now the question I have to ask is who on earth is going to get rid of this lot? Who will then pursue them when the extent of their profligacy is calculated? Who will then take them to court? Who will clear out the vipers nests of quangos, committees and trusts which clog up the system and prevent the country from breathing clean air.

If you cannot answer the question then you will have to admit that we are in hands of a criminal syndicate which is so deeply entrenched that it cannot be broken. I came to the conclusion that only the BNP have the will to fight this criminal establishment but it would be nice to see someone else try.

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