Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Snow and the Authorities.

My second youngest granddaughter has never seen the likes of the snow that we have witnessed in the past few days. Unfortunately her local school is one of the responsible schools that have stayed open and not pandered to popular demand. She has had to rely on good old mum for her time in this unusual snow. Thank heavens that common sense has prevailed but then I would expect little else from my family.

My real beef is the response from the councils who have so called Chief Executives who are responsible for maintaining services. These people are paid in some cases hundreds of thousands of pounds to maintain public services and frankly they do not do it! Planning at the modern day Council House is non existent. They demand that we, who pay their salaries, follow some kind of imposed doctrine but when faced with a situation about which they were warned, they fail to deliver services.

In my home town they were gritting the town centre car park the day after the snow descended and when I arrived to park I had to avoid the gritting vehicle and drive the wrong way round in order to park.

Nobody can excuse that a few inches of snow has brought our inept authorities to account. The rest of the world is laughing at our pathetic attempts to beat a little inclement weather. We have lost the will to challenge the elements because we have become soft, pliable and reliant on our government for our existence and the snow has innocently proven that the New Labour Project is alive and well.

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