Tuesday, 10 February 2009

More on the Simple Plot!

Yesterday when I was thinking up my fictitious plot to take over a target country without a shot being fired I forgot about Education. You see if you seriously want to destroy the infrastructure of a democracy then you have to begin with education. This requires long term planning because it cannot be done overnight.

I would begin with destroying the cornerstone of the education of the country. That means stripping away all the good aspects of education. Now for example in this country in the old days we had a simple system. At aged 11+ the kids who were academically clever were streamed and sent to grammar achools. The kids who were academically not so forward went to secondary schools which helped them improve their reading, writing and arithmetic and prepared them where possible for trade apprenticeships. The really gifted kids went to universities.

It worked and many kids as I have previously blogged went from council estates to top universities by scholarship in same cases. That meant that poor kids did not pay a bloody thing for their education. It was the epitome of everything that a genuine socialist should support so of course it was the left wing who began to dismantle it.

Now I think that this is the perfect example of what should be done to my target country who I am trying to destroy. First off I must abolish the grammar school! That will stop the kids from poor families from getting uppety. I would then lower the standards for those wishing to enter the teaching profession so that almost any old activist can become a teacher and disrupt the classroom.

Then I would begin to make the exams easy, then easier then easier still until almost every kid can pass with a good grade. Once we have most kids getting 'A' grades we can invent an 'A' Star grade and then every kid can go to a university. That means that we would have to create more universities which would be simple because we can adjust the status of all the old polytechnic colleges and with a wave of a magic wand (Hey Presto!) turn them all into uni's.

It would also have the dual effect of destroying aspiration and ambition because you can't fool the kids and once they discover that education isn't education at all but a con on their parents then they will switch off and turn to drink and drugs.

Then just as I have pissed them all off I will introduce my master stroke. I will make them all pay for their useless education! Ha gotya you little sods. You must go to university to get a decent job but then you will get yourself massively into debt and guess what when you have finished you won't have a job to go to at any rate! That means of course you won't be able to get married or buy a house and enter mainstream society for years yet.

Guess what you would do better if you are female by getting pregnant and living off the state and if you are male well let me see...can you play football or strum a guitar? You see by the time I was finished Education in my target country would die and with it the dreams of a large percentage of the kids in the country.

OH and if that didn't work I could always flood the country with kids who can't speak English because that would keep the dedicated teachers busy. Simple innit!

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