Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Depression/Recession

I read that Gordon Brown is revisiting the events after the depression/recession in the nineteen twenties/thirties. There is a thought that Gordon might try and form a National Government which would include David Cameron and Nick Clegg so that the public do not get a vote. After all if you include all the main parties and their agendas all follow the line that we are all in thrall of the European Union then the solution is obvious.

That way all the disciples of Europe can gain a foothold in power and the electorate can be ignored. I am absolutely convinced that Gordon will try everything in his power to avoid a fair democratic election when the times comes. I am almost equally convinced that, however horrible it may be to countenance, that eventually the people in this country will have to take to the streets to restore democracy. I seriously hope not but we are facing unprecedented times.

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