Monday, 16 February 2009

The Decline of Civilization

As one gets older and has time in retirement to relect on society the reality of change becomes clearer. There is little doubt that this country is currently in the hands of people who are hell bent on destroying much of what we once cherished.

I have tried to understand what makes them tick because why would they want to destroy a country once described as the mother of democracy? The same country which gave them the opportunity through its democratic principles, its education, health and welfare the openings which they now wish to deny the youth of today.

As I said a couple of posts ago I accidentally stumbled across a twentieth century American philosophist Will Durrant who has written expansively on the decline of a civilization. Now it took me some time to cut through the verbiage but his train of thought was interesting because it can be applied to England today.

Durrant reckons that civilization has usually been built on religion which sets the standard on education and morality. He reckons that eventually religion will be challenged by the secular (scientists and non-conformists) and they will attempt to change the country into something almost anti-religious. He uses the word profane but we witness daily the destruction of our moral principles as obscenity follows obscenity.

This forms a parallel to our problems here. Up until the nineteen fifties/sixties we led our lives largely on the principles expoused by christianity. Not all of us were Christians but most of us led decent lives. Marriage was the norm, justice was seen to be done and children were brought up with security and direction.

It now appears that in the seventies a group of, shall we call them Marxists, got together to change the world that we lived in. This has been their total commitment for almost 40 years and they have all but succeeded in ridding this country of all adherence to Christian principles. Marriage has been rejected, Justice is a travesty and children cannot even go onto the streets to play for fear of their safety.

The problem is that in order to ensure that the state is inpregnable they need a vast amount of money and thanks to our little group of scene shifters we are rapidly running out of it. Absolute state control has always failed. We need to look no further back than the Soviet Union to recognise that.

Now according to Durrant sometime in the future along will come another set of magicians who will give the public something else to believe in and civilization will rebuild itself. It is hope for the future but I am convinced that the next leaders will not be the followers of Islam no matter how hard they may try and I also believe that we have seen enough of the already discredited Conservative party.

We need a total change of direction. Could it come from the Bloggers? Could it be the BNP or is someone else waiting in the background to pick up the pieces? Whatever happens I fear that blood may be spilt.

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