Saturday, 21 February 2009

The Irish are on the Streets!

The Irish have had enough of the credit crunch and are protesting on the streets of Dublin. This is the country who voted 'No' to the European Union and who have consequently been threatened by sanctions if they don't get it right the next time.

At least they have the guts to show their displeasure. Our Unions and their 'patsy' officials who have reneged on their membership show no sign of protest because of course they have been told to keep the lid on the problem. In the meantime the blogs tell me that the police are on full alert for riot control.

This car company which according to a major union will collapse within days may prove to be the final indignity. If 6000 people are pushed onto the dole queue simultaneously then surely it is high time that we had an election. The sight of Gordon Brown grandstanding on the international stage with Barack Obama when his country is rapidly heading for the buffers is frankly nauseous.

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