Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Gordon Brown - Global Financial Watchdog!

Do you know I can hardly credit this. We all know that Peter Mandelsson is probably one of the most sneaky politicians ever bequeathed to the nation but to try and get rid of Gordon Brown by hoisting him on the world's economy is a bit far fetched even for him.

Ever since Gordon arrived with the Blair government he has squandered a golden legacy, sold off gold at rock bottom prices, raided pension funds, taxed people to the hilt and poured money into government intiatives without ever checking how the money was spent. He fiddled with the banking industry and created the Financial Services Agency which failed to detect the profligacy of the bankers, the most important aspect of its job.

Everything has failed even though he boasted about the end to 'boom and bust'. The Stock Markets have plunged, the pound is a joke and thousands are becoming unemployed day after day. His whole financial reputation is in tatters (as is the country) and yet Peter thinks that the Germans would accept Gordon as a Financial Watchdog.

This is really the first step to ensure that Gordon is not leading the party if and when the next election comes around. Gordon does not want to face the humiliation and now Peter is engineering an excuse to move him on. The European Union is awash with our cash but I am sure that Gordon will find a way to wreck it. Heh come to think of it this isn't such a bad idea after all. Go Gordon Go!!

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Anonymous said...

Not a fan of the NoTW but this article gives some insight.

"At one stage, a quarter of all UK tax was from financiers"

Tony Blair got his reward from J. P. Morgan so there must be a safe haven for Gordon somewhere.