Friday, 13 February 2009

Geert Wilders Dutch MP

I think we must accept that it is typical of Jacqui Smith (now being referred to as The Fat Lodger on some blogs) to take the coward's way out and ban the right wing Dutch MP from showing his film to a limited audience in the House of Lords. If he had entered the country (as he has done before) and completed his task then people like me would never have entered the fray. The whole event spiralled out of control when a Muslim peer, Lord Ahmed, apparently threatened that he would mobilise 10000 Muslims if this man was allowed to come here.

If Lord Ahmed is able and willing to carry out his threat at a time when our own armed forces are conducting an unwinnable war in the very countries where a large proportion of this Muslim army emanate from then I am extremely concerned. Whenever has one of our Peers threatened civil (or even armed) disobedience on our streets? Has he not been thrown out of the House of Lords for this extraordinary threat? I find his conduct far more threatening that anything that Geert Wilders can come up with.

And so to the film which I viewed this afternoon on Iain Dale's Diary. It is explicit and gory with many shots from 9/11, 7/7, the Madrid bombing and specific clips of the inhuman treatment of women in Islamic countries. There are a variety of passages translated from the Koran which propose all kinds of aggressive acts against anyone opposing or even not agreeing with the Islamic faith.

He continues by emphasising the march of Islam particularly in Holland and throughout the mainland and demonstrates the recent sharp increase of their numbers in western Europe. I found it a bit over the top but I could not argue against his case. There is without doubt an extremist element within the Islamic community who apparently 'cherry-pick' the bits in the Koran which they accept as being relevant.

These people see themselves as disciples of a Jihad (Holy War) and I must confess that I doubt that the pacifist followers of Islam can contain this element if they decide to flex their muscles. My concern is that if Lord Ahmed can instantly command an army of 10000 to enforce his demands where do our 10000 come from to ensure that his demands are not met.

Are we then not back to Enoch Powell?


Anonymous said...

What we nead is Richard the Lion heart we have let him down

bryboy said...

What we need is an honest leader who has the experience and authority to tackle the corruption. We probably need Eliot Ness more than the good king. Tks for your interest.