Saturday, 14 February 2009

Who can we trust?

In most houses in the land where honest, intelligent and educated people meet the same conversations take place. What can we do to save our country? Who can we turn to? Where are the Richard Lionhearts, the Francis Drakes, the Lord Wellingtons, the Admiral Nelsons or the Winston Churchills?

Where are the military heroes who fought at Ypres and Passchendaele? Where are The Battle of Britain Pilots, the Cockleshell Heroes the people upon whom our once great country was founded? Are we all so cowed, so scared of our own shadows, so compliant to this all powerful European invasion that we have lost the will to fight back?

We are now governed by people who are prepared to sacrifice their country for personal gain. There are thousands of them working for this government and ever more thousands lined up to work for the Tories. All of them have the eye on the main chance to line their own pockets. It has become a culture of this country the so called home of democracy to screw your own people.

The only people who appear to be upholding the traditions of the country are to be found in the blogosphere. They have taken the trouble to organise their protests through their own blog and it is a powerful force. The problem that now exists is how to harness this force so that we can turn our views into a rebellion. You see the more that I tour the blogs the more that I realise that a rebellion may be the only chance that we have to turn back the tide of the European Union.

I was about to view a film called 'Apocalypso' out of Saturday night boredom when a quotation hit the screne which amazed me. The quotation was attributed to one W Durant and it stated that 'A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyrd itself from within'. Now I don't know who this fellow Durant was but I intend to find out because he knew a thing or two.

We are in real trouble folks! The political class is so well established that they may be impossible to remove. Perhaps we should unite the bloggers into a political force. Can you imagine the ballot paper? You can opt for Keith Vaz or Guido Fawkes. You can vote between Dolly Draper or Iain Dale. How about Gordon Brown against Victor Meldrew's Brother. My cousin comes from Kirkcaldy and it used to be a really nice town apart from the smell of linoleum. Now all it smells of is corruption!

Could we ever unite the bloggers against the government? Well I tell you what I would try anything but as it stands we are not doing a bad job.


Thanks to Wikipedia I now know that the quotation is down to an American Philosopher Will Durant. I tell you what, this guy knew a thing or two and when I can decipher his high blown literacy I see another post coming on because at first glance he is predicting what is happening in this country today!


The Penguin said...

Have you found Old Holborn's place yet?

The Penguin

bryboy said...

I have indeed Mr Penguin and I am a great admirer of Old Holborn and his cohorts. Not too keen on the industrial language mind you as I continue to practice old fashioned values to my grandkids but more power to your pen...I always visit for inspiration!