Friday, 27 February 2009

Mr Adam Scott - Leicester, Consultant Surgeon

I have not been posting too often in the past 24 hours...sorry but it has been personal stuff. Yesterday I visited Leicester Glenfield for a Day Case appointment and reacquainted myself with the surgeon who saved my life back in 2001. Mr Adam Scott Consultant Surgeon at both Leicester Glenfield and Leicester General is quite frankly a one off.

He is the epitome of the title a 'gentleman' and in today's society seems to me to be a throw back to what we once considered to be people who we could trust. He is absolutely consistent in that he treats everyone with the same professional concern. He must have seen immense changes in the NHS but somehow 'my' Mr Scott continues to practice the very same ethics that we have always expected from the NHS.

He is highly respected but when I, in desperation,E-Mailed him a couple of years back he came back instantly and fitted me in to his lunch time. When you are desperate and in pain and almost suicidal then for a surgeon to respond in this day and age is so fantastic it has to be recorded.

The NHS comes under increasing criticism but at the broad roots, at the coal face then there are so many people trying to make it work despite the New Labour Project.
People like my Mr Scott succeed despite the New Labour Project because they are so good at what they do that even Gordon Brown cannot dismiss them.

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