Friday, 20 February 2009

BNP News

Fair play to Iain Dale because he has accurately reported that the BNP have taken the Swanley St Mary's Ward of Sevenoaks District Council with a massive 41.8% share of the vote. I have recently derided the so called national polls as misleading the public when they report that the BNP are polling less than 10%.

This is a nonsense because although Iain Dale was man enough to front up regarding the win in Sevenoaks he missed out the other three elections. Close to me in Thringstone, Leicestershire (NW Leics DC) the BNP candidate polled 28.1% in a former mining constituency.

In Lewisham (Downham Ward) the three main parties each fielded two candidates and the Lib Dems took the first two places but the BNP still polled 10.6%.

Further north In Harrogate (Bilton Ward) which I always thought was a conservative stronghold the Lib Dems won again with the BNP third (just under 10%) where NoLab polled a miserly 51 votes!

I reiterate that I hold no brief for the BNP but I do like to see fairness in politics. If people are voting for them in such numbers then it should be reported. Looking at these election results there appears to be two sets of protest voting. Some are voting Lib Dem as in Lewisham and Harrogate and others are voting BNP as in Sevenoaks and Thringstone (where the LibDems were almost wiped out). It could of course depend on the quality of the candidate.

The voting public are turning away from the big two and the closer that the European elections come in the summer the more interesting it may transpire. Remember if you want out of Europe then the ONLY party that will support you are the BNP. I can just imagine a small but determined bunch of Euro MPs from the BNP causing havoc in Brussels. They would not sit quietly drawing their money like the members of UKIP did!

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