Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Jacqui Smith and the Yates factor.

Apparently this part time Home Secretary will never face an enquiry about her abuse of the second house expenses scandal and is that not typical of this government? This guy 'Yates of the Yard' has achieved nothing and I am now of the opinion that he has been 'bought' by the establishment!

We all know (feel) that Tony Blair and his cohorts sold off peerages to those who financially supported the NoLab cause. Gordon Brown must have known about it but of course he went missing when the enquiry took place. Yates of the Yard received a lot of publicity but then when did any of us really think that any of his so publicised evidence would reach a courtroom?

Now once again Yates arrives on time to decide that there is no evidence that dear Jacqui has not duped the public on her expenses claim. Heh the Yates factor seems to crop up once too often where the politicians are concerned. Hollywood used to make films about the bent copper but that could not possibly happen under this NoLab government could it?


The Penguin said...

The Kebab Stuffer is bang to rights in the court of public opinion, shame that's the only court she's likely to be arraigned in.

The Penguin

bryboy said...

You have a lovely turn of phrase Mr Penguin. I will be reading you much more often.