Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Jacqui Smith - The Lodger

Newsnight is giving quite a lengthy coverage on the Jacqui Smith issue. This to my mind is unusual for the BBC who normally ignores NoLab sleaze. It is quite clear to anyone even of limited intelligence that her main home is in Redditch and she is dossing at ther sister's gaff to save money.

Now that is quite understandable because I expect she gets on well with her sister and she can relax in her company BUT...she cannot then claim huge sums of public money in order to stay with her sister. It is insane greed! She is, after all, our Home Secretary...this is a position which should be above reproach. How can she believe that the public will not question her integrity?

This woman has been a disaster ever since her elevation from obscurity to Home Secretary. It is really time for her to go but if she does, what next for Gordon Brown? Has NoLab run out of candidates for this most crucial appointment? Has Gordon run out of mates?

Sorry Jacqui you have been have already grabbed the money now just depart back to Redditch where you will ever be known as the housewife who tried to be Home Secretary and almost destroyed her country.

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