Friday, 13 February 2009

This NoLab Government

As each scandal, discovery or lapse is uncovered I am getting increasingly concerned for the country as a whole. It is quite clear that the government has totally lost the plot. The Prime Minister is in denial and is ever closer to being linked as one of the main problems behind our current financial demise. I have blogged on many occasions about the consequences to our country if Gordon Brown was wrong.

Well it now appears that he WAS wrong, his thinking was wrong, his decisions were wrong and his appointments were diastrous. He appears to have surrounded himself with people, many his own countrymen who were placed to keep him in power and not to serve the country. Very many of them have been prone to financial dealings which would be against the moral principles of the man in the street. The rules of parliament have given them carte blanche to cheat the public but that doesn't mean they should take it.

They have gorged themselves on power and yet have little idea on how to govern a country. Every decision they take appears to have one objective and that is to destroy the freedom of the people/society in this country. Every day we here more horror stories about the breakdown of our social structure. Take the many cases of children being tortured and abused. Today we have a tiny tot of 13 who has just become a father. There are bloggers up and down the country screaming as loud as they can that the country is in a state of turmoil and yet Gordon Brown monotonously refuses to accept any responsibility and has no intention of facing the electorate until he has grasped every ounce of power he can squeeze from his premiership.

History will judge this bad, bad, man and if he has an ounce of integrity left he should quake when it is his time to meet his maker.

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