Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Elections and By Elections

Anyone who regularly passes through here will know that for some time now I have had severe reservations that Gordon Brown would ever face the electorate. I have up until now always believed that he would find an excuse to reamin in power no matter how hated he becomes. My reasoning is quite simple because the people who have been systematically dismantling this country under the guise of the New Labour Project cannot allow anyone else to uncover the depth of their treachery.

Now across on the Guido Fawkes Blog it has transpired that the electoral record of who voted in the Glenrothes By Election has 'disappeared'. It should have been safe in the hands of the Kirkcaldy Sheriff's court but guess what they allowed it to be removed during recent renovations and now it's gone. It seems a bit obvious to remind everyone that Kirkcaldy is Mugabe Brown's home town but I will all the same.

Not only that but postal voting in this By Election increased apparently by 400% and some people are suggesting that NoLab used this particular By Election to see if they could rig the vote in a National Election. You see if you 'lose' the one record which records who voted in the ballot box then you can play your trump card.

It means that all the recently deceased, those who have fled abroad and those blissfully unware that there is an election can all be identified as NoLab supporters and everything in the world is fine again.

David Cameron should ensure that this is investigated and insist that new regulations to ensure probity are introduced. I believe that we are now in a situation that politics in this country has been endemically corrupted by NoLab and they will stop at nothing to ensure survival.

By the way Comres recently announced in a poll that the BNP were attracting 6% of the electorate but in all of the recent local by elections they are polling a minimum of 20%! In Newcastle recently they polled 27% in a local by election. I am amazed that the mainstream media are keeping absolutely stum on this trend but soon even they will not be able to ignore it. The BNP are not as trusting as the rest of us because they do not underestimate the desperation of NoLab to retain power.

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