Tuesday, 17 February 2009

An Honest Politician

I have just had a thought as the country seems to disappear deeper into the mire. Do we actually have a politician currently in the House of Commons who is not on the take? We could of course extend that to the House of Lords but let's get down to basics. Can any of us nominate our local MP as an honest person? Have they all been corrupted by the easy access to huge amounts of money? How many of them have resisted the temptation to trouser taxpayer's money in order to enhance their future.

I am going to interrogate the website 'Theyworkforyou' to see who is not claiming what the Commons regulations allow them to claim. So the hunt is on for the most honest politician. After all they should be exposed as traitors because honest men should not be allowed to enter the House of Commons.

I will be hugely disappointed if Norman Baker of the LibDems fails the acid test but can anyone else find an honest MP? It could be fun.

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