Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Big Questions

This morning the programme 'The Big Questions' hosted by Nicky Campbell on BBC1 shocked me because it allowed two members of the BNP onto the show to air their views in public. I thought they did quite well in the face of some intense provocation by people who were not listening and lying in order to protect their vested interests.

For example it is a known BNP policy that they would assist anyone who wants to return to their country of origin. That doesn't mean that they would clear out all foreigners because they realise that it would be impractical and at any rate so many of the immigrants have really contributed to the country and deserve to stay.

As they said quite clearly on the programme under their manifesto they would expect that immigrants would adopt the British lifestyle and obey our rules. They object to organisations like Muslim Councils of Great Britain and Black Police Officers Associations because in a democracy they are really not necessary. I agree.

The problem is that the majority do not want to listen yet. It has not dawned on them that they may one day have to listen to combat what is happening in government circles. For once at least they got to hear what the BNP have to say and if they were listening properly some of their opinions would ring a bell.

Will 'Question Time follow?

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