Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow and the British

This is ridiculous! Thousands of schools closing because of a couple of inches of snow! Many of the roads are actually clear but it doesn't stop the doommongers. In Leicestershire, schools are closing and yet the traffic is moving without any hindrance of snow. At the heart of the hysteria is the BBC who are hourly broadcasting desperate forecasts that we can't cope! It is utterly ridiculous because these conditions are far from extreme. The BBC is encouraging everyone to blame snow in order to skive.

They are deliberately encouraging our children to adopt a skiver's mentality. It should be a challenge to beat the elements but they make it so easy to shut things down that the challenge is never faced. All the reports are negative and it is only when they inadvertently interview a Dane or a Pole that we get the incredulilty which their doom and gloom attitude should be viewed.

I was in Berlin in 1969/1970 when they had (at the time) the worst winter for 125 years. In temperatures of minus 20/30 we (as soldiers) never missed a shift even though the pavements disappeared for six months. Public services fought hard to keep the city going and snow was piled up feet high.

For heaven's sake get a grip. Go to work, go to school and to the public services get your workers back to work. You knew it was coming so why didn't you plan for it?
Why start gritting after the snow comes? Six inches of snow stops nothing if you have the will and the skill to conquer it.

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