Saturday, 28 February 2009

Time for a break!

On Monday my wife and I fly to Gran Canaria for a week in the sun (we hope!). This means of course that this Blog will close down for a week but I will be back renewed, revitalised and ready for the Bowls season.

The sleaze that is currently pervading the main stream media is almost unbelieveable. We have politicians who have been almost slavish in their support of bankers during the past decade are now reneging on their promises in order to curry favour with the electorate.

It won't work. We all know that the problems in this country have been born out of allowing people who have political agendas to be heard above the voice of common sense. NoLab have always pandered to this so called political elite and have subsequently allowed them a voice which has screeched us into oblivion.

Behind it all is the accusation of racism! If a person disagrees with the government then they are automatically labelled with the criminal. One only has to visit the awful Blog run by Mr Kate Garroway to see NoLab in all it's glory.

Before I go on holiday I will say this once and for all.. there is no harm in ensuring that the very people who have provided the money for the services which welcome any newcomer to our shores have a priority where basic services are concerned. Our own people deserve this priority and so do their children and grand children. Nobody can argue against that unless you want to destroy the country.

I feel that our working class are at last waking up to the realilty of Europe, the Unions and the appalling neglect which our citizens have had to endure against the accusation of racism. I have news for the political elite. Racism is alive and well in the UK and it festers in the ranks of the BNP. It was not there before but you NoLab and Tory supporters have ensured that us British will have to row in with the BNP in order to get a fair deal.

NoLab has ensured that a summer of rage will occur. They have trained their 'brown shirt' police in riot control but perhaps they don't know how big the riot will be. When the people sense a weakness in the system that they detest then it will not matter how many police are trained to deal with it.

The people are angry. In every house in the country we have discussions taking place which abhor what is happening to us. It will end in blood but then we will perhaps have to spill blood in order to tell the idiots of this country that we will not be bullied.

I am now off on holiday.

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Have A great holiday bring back some sunshine