Monday, 16 February 2009

The Kissing Zone

Can we imagine the scene at Warrington Council when they decided to create a kissing zone and a non-kissing zone at their local railway station complete with CCTV?

I mean can you imagine the kind of NoLab crackpot who thought that one up and what about his/her cohorts who backed them up and agreed that this was a good idea. Just how far are they willing to go to establish that they have totally lost the plot?

We are all smiling increduously and we all think that this is just gormless but it has happened in England and it has implications. These people are serious about their faith. Their faith is to subject us all to the rule of the state but the trouble is when they introduce such a ridiculous ruling they expose their real motive. The real motive is to ensure that they enslave us all.

I know, I know that 'enslave' is an emotive word but hell can you really believe what is happening all around you? We have crackpots being elected to Town Halls because the rest of us do not care enough. Quietly the Asian and Muslim communities are grabbing the local councillor positions because we have lost interest in who governs us.

They are voting for their own and more and more they are usurping authority. Now I know that I will be instantly accused of racism but hear me out. Some of these people care more about our British society than the British. They realise that our children have been subverted by the political system in this country. They value our freedom because they have come from countries where democracy was non existant.

Could it possibly be that amongst us we have our very own Barack Obama? Is it possible that Hindus actually despise Keith Vaz? Can Muslims really denounce their religious fanatics to make England a better place?

This blog is trying to find a future for my grandchildren. What do you think folks?

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