Monday, 2 February 2009

British Jobs for British Workers

How Gordon Brown must regret his soundbyte that he supports British Jobs for British Workers. He must have known when he trumpeted this nonsense that it was impossible to deliver.

He was the man who scurried off to Europe to unhesitatingly sign away the freedom of our national labour force to the grey men of Brussels. They can now do anything that they want to do to the working man of this country. Gordon Brown has once again reneged on his national workforce. He no longer has the power to insist that British workers come first because he personally signed it away.

The chickens are coming home to roost. NoLab have let down their core vote. The workers of this once great country will rue the day that they accepted NoLab as the inheritors of the Socialist crown. The real union members, the hard line socialists, may one day realise that they have been conned and that their union subscriptions have been diverted into salaries for the personnel recruited by organisations like 'Common Purpose'.

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