Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Binyam Mohamed and the others!

On 19 Jan when I was commenting on the closing down of Guantanamo by President Obama I wrote the following:- Yes he may close down Guantanamo because that has run its course but then who gets the inmates. I know who will get most of them because we have already become Europe's dumping ground for undesirables many of who reside in three of our prisons dedicated solely to foreign crooks.

Lo and Behold along comes Binyam Mohamed and as far as I know thirteen others. How many more did Guantanamo hold. Did we get them all? Just who decides on the people who come to our country? How come a month ago I knew exactly what would happen to the inmates of this infamous prison.

What I cannot understand is how come a citizen from Ethiopia, who once once given leave to remain in the UK (Why?)and then opted to live in Afghanistan (Why bloody Afghanistan?) and was arrested in Pakistan (you know the place who trains all the terrorists) using (would you believe) a false passport.

Who is behind this nonsense? What pressure group is backing these Muslim extremists and who decides that they suddenly become British or British residents or even remotely connected to us? Who funds them? Something is really rotten in the Straits of Denmark as someone famously said. It is high time that we began to force these people out into the open.


Anonymous said...

Get it right Victor's brother. STATE of Denmark and it was Shakespeare and Hamlet. And I thought you went to a Grammar School. Tut tut.
Having had my little pedantic fit you are ABSOLUTELY right. Mohamed should have been shipped straight back to Ethiopia. His parents are still there so he clearly was NEVER an asylum seeker in danger - just an opportunist who should NEVER even have been a "British resident" Abromovich is a resident but unlikely to become a citizen but tolerated and lauded because of his cash.
Mohamed presumably had no legitimate)income in the UK since he was an asylum seeker yet he could afford to jet off to the US (rather before his enforced trip) AND Pakistan AND buy a false passport.
What AMAZES me is that the US spooks (and MI5/6 come to that)despite this CLEAR evidence have been incapable of bringing charges. Says MUCH about THEIR competence then! OR the poor state of the law and the stupidity of international Human Rights guidelines.
Whatever, in my mind Mr Mohamed IS a danger and should never have been brought here - by a JEWISH foreign secretary no less. Miliband must have a death wish since Mr Mohamed's chosen ideology prescribes the killing of all Jews (and then Christians)
There is clearly NO common sense left amongst western politicians - the present President of the EU excepted.
I could say much more but I;ll bite my tongue

bryboy said...

I'm just now catching up my friend and tks for the bollocking - I can't believe that I wrote that! I am also amazed that he has never been asked in public to explain what he was doing in Pakistan on a false passport. By the way don't bite your tongue on this site mate. I began it to vent my spleen on the political classes!