Monday, 23 February 2009

The 'Do Nothing' Party

I have been trawling the papers and the blogs looking for something juicy to latch onto but there seems to be nothing new. The politicians continue to uncover new ways of abusing their parliamentary privileges. Everyone talks about it, everyone is highly critical but as usual NoLab will not address the problem.

Immigrants continue to pour into the country from all over the world. Everyone knows how draining this is on our limited resources but NoLab does nothing.

The banks continue to act as if the credit crunch which almost put them(and us)out of business was nothing to do with them and consequently they add insult to injury by demanding obscene bonuses and NoLab does nothing!

The government cosies up to the criminal classes by refusing to extend places in jail, refusing to adopt harsh sentencing and refusing to make the punishment fit the crime. Everyone knows it, everyone criticises it but NoLab does nothing.

The European Union continues to enforce their fatuous policies on us. Their Human Rights Act continues to obstruct British Justice and the European MPs drown in luxury paid for by us. We all know it is wrong but NoLab does nothing.

Mugabe Brown is out of his depth. He is utterly useless and everyone knows it. He should be replaced as soon as possible but then that would require a General Election so as usual NoLab does nothing.

Mugabe Brown habitually addresses the Tories as the 'do nothing' party and he is right but then NoLab is the party which should be doing something. We are therefore left with a government which does not govern and an opposition which does not oppose.
After all why should they bother because they both know that in reality our real rulers are the people we should be voting for in the European elections in the summer.

Just remember whoever gets your vote will probably do precious little for their tenure and make an absolute packet unless of course they have an agenda. Perhaps it is the time for the mother of all protest votes! What is needed is a concerted effort to replace all the MEPs from the principle parties with people from fringe parties. We should vote for Greens, UKIP, BNP or any decent independent. It is the only way for all of us to protest about our lack of a vote on Europe. Here we have one opportunity so PLEASE folks make it count.

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Anonymous said...

Hey VMB I don't agree with you about the EU elections.
The people we vote for then are definitely NOT the people who govern us. THAT privilege is held by the 24 (or 27) unelected Commissioners. They get rich for their 4 year term (Mandelson and Kinnock are particular examples). The MEPs? Well they get even richer but have virtually NO powers.

Bewick NorthumberlandPS I commented on Mohamed as Anonymous - because I've mislaid my google blogger sighn in